Career Opportunities

  • Professor, Instructor or teacher in Criminology in any University, College or School
  • Law enforcement officer, administrator, executive adviser consultant or agent in any government of private agency;
  • As laboratory technician in dactyloscopy, ballistics, questioned documents, police photography, lie detection, forensic chemistry and other scientific aspects of crime detection
  • As correctional administrator, executive supervisor worker or officers in any correctional and penal institution
  • As counselor, expert, adviser researcher in any government or private agency on any aspects of criminal research or project involving causes of crime, juvenile delinquency, treatment of offenders, police operation, law enforcement administration, scientific criminal investigation or public welfare administration
  • As security officers, supervisors, administrator, investigations, inspectors, security consultant and training instructors and directors.
  • As investigators of Bureau of Custom administration office, Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, , Department of Foreign Affairs;
  • As Fire Bureau officers, administrators, supervisors, inspectors and investigators.