The Lifeline

Lifeline's History

The start of the college publication may not still be known to other nursing students especially freshmen who were just applying then to the college just as when the CON office made a contest on Logo making and College Publication's name writing. Interested students submitted their entries for evaluation and the name SYRINGE made a noise in the college population. But in the end. By the start of the school year 2005-2006, the name LIFELINE was informally declared as the official nursing publication. The name was suggested by Mrs. Isabel Q. Guarin, AHSE program chairperson. However, it was found out that Lifeline Magazine still exists, the reason why the publication writers decided to change the name, but in the end, everyone agreed to an idea of putting the article “the” before the word Lifeline instead of changing its name which may confuse the students as to the College paper's name.

The Pioneer Editorial Board

With the joined forces of the CON administrators and CSC-CON headed by chair Chalcis Jan Lacsina, the choosing of qualified Editorial Board members was systematically done through a competitive reportorial and editorial exam. Application forms were given by the council to interested nursing students which were passed before the date of reportorial exam. The preliminary test was successfully done last June 17, 2005 and seconded on the 24th of that same month. Thirteen students passed the exam which qualified them to take the Editorial Board exam on the 9th of the following month. Results took time to be released which caused the delay of knowing the positions of the qualified students. After the CON days, Mikel Renz Carino was informed of having the highest position as the Chief Editor, Rhenier Capuno as the Associate, and Karen Grace Amaba as the Managing Editor.

Editorial Board S.Y. 2013 - 2014

Editor-in-Chief:Pauline Eunice R. Yu
Associate Editor:Regina S. Guillermo
Managing Editor:Daphne Mae S. Cael
News Editor(s):Jericho Andrew C. Tang
Vherkiely Jamaine H. Sunga
Features Editor:Paulette Maverick M. Parker
Literary Editor:Miguel Mutuc
Circulations and Events Managers:April Vinoya
Clint Cortez
Staff Writers:Trixia Rivera
 Joan Tungol
 Louiegi Garcia
 Jessilyn Villanueva
 Lisette Rivera
 Danieca Castro
 Genesse Cunanan
Photojournalist(s):Briccio Barin
Brandon Bautista
Cartoonist / Artist:Christian S. Tayag

Office: MGN Building 2nd Floor.
Email Add:
local 1374