Welcome to the online application portal of Holy Angel University. Before applying, here are some guidelines in filling the online application form

  1. Make sure all entries that you have entered are correct and true. There will be instructions on some questions on how to answer them

  2. Provide a working and existing E-mail address as the system will send a copy thru E-mail of your application

  3. If you did not receive any E-mail notification within 24 hours, you may contact the admissions office to verify if your application is successful.

  4. As much as possible, please avoid making duplicate entries of your application (creating a new application with the same details). If there is a mistake in your entries, you may contact the admissions office or you may request the correction during your personal appearance before paying your processing fee.

  5. In case you made a mistake in any of the questions during your application, you may only request to edit any wrong entries during your visit to the Admissions office upon submission of your requirements

You may now select the program that you wish to apply to on the menu of the left side of this page